Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Guardian Blog.

Article in the Guardian blog including the brain and a mention of me.

Organ Grinding About.

I took my street organ to quite a few summer events this summer.

Below are links to the Guerilla Science event archives. Guerilla Science are a company who do great science experiments in unexpected places like festivals. My Organ attended some of there events relating to the science of sound.

And here are all of Guerilla Sciences photo's of the event:

As seen by Wayne Coyne.

I made a giant brain for Guerilla Science. It was used for
a Synaesthesia game at various festivals this summer.
Wayne Coyne from the flaming lips saw said brain
and twittered about it:

The full story can be found on the Guerilla science

All the photo's from the event can be found here:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Lesser Spotted Collectors' Club,

I created some post apocalyptic bird puppets for the wonderful world of the lesser spotted collectors club. A really exciting performance in a science museum where the audience were allowed to roam around the vast space. The museum had been transformed with all manner of rubbish and gizmos and insane characters. Very different from how it appeared during the daylight hours.

A glimpse of the performance can be seen here:

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Tweeture is a robot with his own twitter account. He is a location and context aware robot. I designed the look of Tweeture and made his body which the robotics fitted into. Tweeture was the concept of Slingshot games who also made all the robotics parts which go inside the creature. Tweeture is a game, when you meet him you twitter a unique code and then you need to introduce him to as many people as possible to earn points. He was taken to South by South west festival in Texas.

Chumpy Nuts.

Worked on 'Chumpy Nuts' tv pilot for 'Shufti films'. I made the zombie sock puppets which attack the lead characters 'Chumpy' and 'Little Roy' Really fun project. Photos above are of puppeteers using the zombie sock puppets in front of a blue screen.

Wanda Sowry.

Local automata maker Wanda Sowry makes very detailed lovely automata.