Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Finished street organ

I have a separate blog for how I made this working street organ, and what inspired me. Find that blog here:


  1. Found you ....what happened to 'Street Organ' Blog?
    Is this your new Project site?
    That front is absolutely amazing. You must have put such a lot of work into it.
    Shall I follow here.. as Street Organ has gone very quiet?....and..(I promise this is my last question)...Have you played in public yet?
    Very best wishes....Bernard

  2. Sorry Rosie, I forgot I left a comment (27 May).
    I couldn't find it again so missed your reply.
    Thanks. When your less busy, drop in on T-B or Monkey Organ and let me know how things are.
    I am not quite yet 'on the road' but I have been out playing with a friends organ,


  3. Rosie, friends have been wanting to see your prize-winning organ. So I'm going to be very naughty and copy your photo to my blog. Thanks.
    Let me know if you're not happy and I'll take it down.
    PS I've started a (sort of) bit on arranging.