Thursday, 13 May 2010


Tweeture is a robot with his own twitter account. He is a location and context aware robot. I designed the look of Tweeture and made his body which the robotics fitted into. Tweeture was the concept of Slingshot games who also made all the robotics parts which go inside the creature. Tweeture is a game, when you meet him you twitter a unique code and then you need to introduce him to as many people as possible to earn points. He was taken to South by South west festival in Texas.

Chumpy Nuts.

Worked on 'Chumpy Nuts' tv pilot for 'Shufti films'. I made the zombie sock puppets which attack the lead characters 'Chumpy' and 'Little Roy' Really fun project. Photos above are of puppeteers using the zombie sock puppets in front of a blue screen.

Wanda Sowry.

Local automata maker Wanda Sowry makes very detailed lovely automata.

Robert Race.

Robert Race is a brilliant local artist. Either classed as toys or kinetic sculpture. This is his website:
To see his work though you really have to see it in the flesh. He is a master of using very simple mechanisms to great effect. The tools he uses are very simple and most of the wood he uses is fresh off the beach. Looking at his work I discovered that you don't need fancy equipment or materials to make great sculpture. Elegant and beautiful.

Tim Hunkin

Recently discovered the work of Tim Hunkin. I love his work passionately. His career has taken many twists from cartooning to engineering to being a carpenter. He has a great sense of humor, I really recommend having a good dig around his website:
My favorite of his work has to be the London zoo Clock. Well worth a look.
His most recent work is a false shop front in a shopping centre. It also has a fake website, which is just hilarious:
I sent Tim Hunkin an e-mail asking about how he started out and he gave me some words of wisdom:
"Its never easy starting out - I had very little work after I left college. I felt I was still trying to find the thing I really wanted to do when I got to fifty, but now I'm 59, I've finally accepted that I'm going to carry on trying lots of different things."

Street Organ wins 'Best in Show'

The street organ went down a treat at the 'New Blades' show 2009. It was voted 'Best in Show' by modelmaking professionals. People really enjoyed seeing all the moving parts.

The next 'New Blades' show is on the 17th June 2010. Go here for details: