Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tim Hunkin

Recently discovered the work of Tim Hunkin. I love his work passionately. His career has taken many twists from cartooning to engineering to being a carpenter. He has a great sense of humor, I really recommend having a good dig around his website:
My favorite of his work has to be the London zoo Clock. Well worth a look.
His most recent work is a false shop front in a shopping centre. It also has a fake website, which is just hilarious:
I sent Tim Hunkin an e-mail asking about how he started out and he gave me some words of wisdom:
"Its never easy starting out - I had very little work after I left college. I felt I was still trying to find the thing I really wanted to do when I got to fifty, but now I'm 59, I've finally accepted that I'm going to carry on trying lots of different things."

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